Tam An Duong is a unit with a sense of responsibility to itself and the community, by providing high-quality health and beauty products, prepared from rare herbs, through traditional methods to maximize the effectiveness of nutrients. , safe for users.





Tran Nhu Quynh (25 years old)

I had pimples in the first place when I was detoxing. But after that, my skin is smooth and glossy. I feel my breats are fuller than before, and after my menstrual day, there is no more abdominal pain and fatigue, while before that I’m always have terrible pain every month.

Phuc Kha Tam (38 years old)

I think this product is really good. My skin feel better and the hairlost is reduces. Especially the improvement in “husband and wife thing” is better. My husband also said: "Can you find something for me to uses? Because when i see you drinking Quy Phi Duong Nhan, you always that kind of excitement”.

Phuong Huyen (32 years old)

I and my friends who use this ptoduct have very good reviews, my breasts are fuller like twenties young lady, my skin also becomes brighter and smoother.

Nguyen Thi Tuong Vi (35 years old)

I'm drinking Quy Phi Nhan for more than 3 boxes. The first few days I had pimples, but I keep drinking, then my acne is gone. This is the first time that I drink functional foods evenly and continously. Before, when I buy functional foods to drink, I'm always forget. Actually, the reason I drink more regularly because of my menstual day. When I had my periods I felt sick because of pain and couldn’t do anything. After taking 1 box of Quy Phi Duong Nhan, I can feel that until my menstrual day I don’t have the same abdominal pain as before, it is much more even. So we keep drinking every morning.